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Specializing in hosting receptions for nearly half a century, this villa that lies in the Chianti region is a veritable museum: frescoed walls and ceilings , statues, paintings, bas reliefs… wherever you turn you will come across a small work of art, every detail exudes class and sophistication, and we know how important details to turn a “simple” wedding in an exclusive event. Wandering through the sumptuous salons or lingering in the Italian garden to enjoy a 360° view of the surrounding hills will give you the impression of being involved in a fairy tale. The dinner will enjoy a great atmosphere in the beautiful English garden behind the villa, but in case of bad weather the huge interior spaces will not make you regret anything in terms of sophistication, welcoming also the open bar and live music.

In the villa are allowed only symbolic ceremonies and you cannot stay, but you will be spoiled for choice with the rooms of the surroundings.

Where: Florence

Type of location: Villa Medici

que historic and artistic frame, surrounded by an atmosphere of rare refinement.

Distinguishing features: It is the last still private Medici dwelling. Renaissance frescoes in the villa were made by some of the leading artists of the time.