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Enter the enchanted world of Villa Cetinale where one can seemingly fade into timelessness. The magnificent and historic luxury villa in Tuscany boasts first-class service and magical gardens perfect for a dream wedding with family and friends.

The Tuscan landscape that surrounds the villa has barely changed in over 500 years. The view is punctuated by small farms and villas of the old Sienese aristocracy. The road that leads you to the villa is lined with tall majestic cypress trees. As you pass through the iron gates you are taken aback by the Italian opulence imbued into every stone.

Built atop Etruscan ruins in 1651 for Pope Alexander VII, the villa, designed in the Roman Baroque style by architect Carlo Fontana, is encircled by glorious gardens and the Tebaide, or “holy wood.” Both wood and garden are peppered with statuary by Giuseppe Mazuoli.  The meticulously updated grounds include a new formal garden based on Roman designs, a swimming pool and sunbathing lawn, and a games room housed in the limonaia.

There are seven votive Chapels surrounding Cetinale. The chapels are decorated with frescos representing The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin.

Elegantly vaulted ceilings top beautifully furnished rooms on several levels of the villa. The frescoed dining room looks out to lovely views. Rich fabrics and romantic four-posters feature in several bedrooms, while carefully curated furniture and artworks thoughtfully placed throughout the house add a further level of leisure and luxury.

Get lost in the romance of a rich historical luxury villa and book the entire property for an unforgettable destination wedding.