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Wedding Planning Services

We offer comprehensive wedding planning services aimed at paying attention to every aspect of the design. We harness our experience and our passion to create beautiful settings that reflect the personality of our customers from the initial concept to the tossing of the bouquet.

For Alessia B Wedding Planner in Tuscany, it is very important that each couple rely on us with total confidence. For this reason, we pay attention to every detail of the planning executed with complete professionalism. We accompany our clients through every step; from the choice of the wedding location, exploring the most beautiful villas and charming castles and hamlets, to sampling the best Italian food and wine, to selecting the best professionals. We offer this through our years of experience gained by working with customers from all over the world. 

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Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is a very personal choice and Alessia B. is here to help guide you through the possibilities and processes. Civil and Catholic ceremonies require specific documentation which we can assist you in obtaining. Other types of ceremony such as Protestant, Episcopal or Jewish can either be a blessing only or civilly binding – this depends on the region you choose to hold your wedding. Symbolic weddings and vow renewal in Italy have no requirements thereby providing the couple the freedom of location, celebrant and format.

Wedding Locations in Tuscany

If your venue is the canvas, then your location is the frame in which it is placed. There is nothing like the breathtaking beauty of a destination wedding in Tuscany. We are here to help you find the perfect location for your dream event. From historic cities to medieval towns to the rolling countryside, Tuscany is the ultimate destination wedding location. Chose from bustling Florence steeped in Renaissance history, towns such as Siena, Certaldo, Lucca, Vinci, Cortona, and Volterra with their ancient walls and special charm, and finally, the romantic Chianti countryside, which offers up a splendid country chic flair.

Floral Design and Decor

Floral designs can in some cases be as important as the wedding gown itself. They should reflect the theme of the wedding and at the same time create a harmonious, enveloping atmosphere. The selection and arrangement of flowers is the work of an artist. Together with the lighting and set design, it will give life to your unforgettable wedding.


Our collaboration with the best wedding caterers ensures that our quality always remains high and in perfect harmony with the prized tastes and traditions of the area. We will be able to meet and exceed your expectations, satisfying your personal tastes with delicacies and local specialties masterfully and elegantly prepared by the chefs we work with. They can satisfy the most demanding palates, while keeping in mind your various needs and those of your guests.

Photography and Videography

These are unique and one-of-a-kind moments, and it will be wonderful to be able to see them again in your wedding video and album. We boast partnerships with prestigious professionals who, for your special day, will become the directors of your wonderful memories. Your wedding will live on in the masterful photos and in your film, where you will be the stars and we will be the crew.


Alessia B. can help you find captivating villages or luxurious hotels where you can spend the days before the big event in absolute comfort and relaxation, either on your own or with your guests. Why not also savor these moments not strictly connected to the ceremony?

Hair Styling and Makeup

Our image consultant, hair stylist, and makeup artist will focus on creating a total look for the bride and groom, and, if desired, for the bridesmaids, parents of the wedding couple, and witnesses. With meticulous attention to detail, we will study everything, from accessories to coiffure, in order to help you find your ideal look.

Music and Entertainment

The choice of music is always key: it provides a backdrop to the entire event, accenting the most significant moments of your celebration. Jazz, swing, contemporary and the classics will delight and surprises. The music will sweep over you and your guests, animating your unforgettable celebration, as you live your magic moment.