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Nearly three years in the making, M & F’s October wedding was a dream postponed thrice due to circumstances we’re all too familiar with. But October brought the awaited dream into reality.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to welcome their 180 guests to glorious sunny Tuscan autumn days and meticulously planned festivities.

The welcome October wedding soirée unfolded amidst the village’s heart. Two tables were trimmed with stone candles and seasonal produce, creating a magical atmosphere reminiscent of times past.

The ceremony took place against the backdrop of the ruins in the upper village. The decor; a flower-lined aisle and a stage adorned with blooms and greenery, exuded a spontaneous, contemporary charm. The highlight? Their little girl’s endearing gesture of presenting the rings.

However, the true enchantment awaited the beloved guests—dinner and dancing under the stars in the breathtaking Michelangelo Marquee. Lush carpets and chandeliers with tables positioned following a meticulous layout designed by the couple created a true marvel.

Flowers in hues of rose, white, and burgundy, alongside antique gold candlesticks, set the tone of charm and elegance, completing the magical, welcoming ambiance.


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