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Getting married in an enchanting castle in Tuscany is the perfect fairytale wedding. Find out how to make your ceremony magical turning you into the protagonist of a fairy tale…

Tuscany, like all the rest of Italy, is full of castles perfectly preserved for organizing a fairytale wedding. You’ll feel like a Queen, after having pronounced the “I do” that will change your life. Your groom will accompany you on the bastion to receive the embrace of family and friends in the romantic and suggestive frame of the sun that burns the countryside.

Whether you want a luxury wedding or a Renaissance-style wedding, a castle is a perfect location to give voice to the dream that you’ve always cultivated: feeling like a princess for a day.

Ask about our curated selection of dream castles in Tuscany to make magical and memorable the day of your wedding. All you have to do is choose yours!

Please contact me for more details and to learn about our other dream locations!