The Wedding Cake

The cutting of the cake is an important moment of the wedding reception. All the guests get closer to the married couple  who, dreamy and in love, accompanied by music and fireworks,   cut their stunning Wedding Cake.

Well… the wedding cake has become the undisputed star of the sweets’ buffet and after the wedding couple, it surely is the most photographed. From the most traditional millefoglie or the sponge-cake filled with Chantilly cream or season fruits pies to the most elaborate creations as various levels cakes covered with sugar dough. In the last years many studios of Cake design able to create real masterpieces were opened  also in Italy. In short, ideas to create new and original wedding cakes are in constant evolution. It’s not to neglect, however, the quality of the product,   and I, as an incurable glutton, could never renounce to have the best cake in the world for my wedding!!!

makiko cake designer  Peggy Porschen

I’m very exacting also as a wedding planner: my vendors must be able to create flawless cakes which have to be also very good tasting! There are many cake designers who are able to create wonderful cakes, similar to art works, but not as much tasty. The choice of raw materials and the ability of the pastry chef are essential elements for a good result.

We’re in Italy, let’s not forget it. It’s ok to acquire beautiful traditions from other countries, but we should try to assimilate them without compromising our undisputed quality of food!

What cake should you choose for your wedding?

wedding cup cakes martha stewart Spring-Posies


Obviously style and design should reflect the main thread of the entire wedding, from the bride’s dress to the range of colors.  Also the decorations put on it can resume  little details linked to the wedding like a certain kind of flower or an aspect that’s part of the couple’s story.  I once met a couple who wanted to create a  wedding cake that reminded them of their first trip to Africa: the wedding cake on various levels war realized with the colors typical of African traditions and landscapes. Fantastic! In this case, the cake gave character to the wedding making it unique and original.

Lately in vogue are miniature cakes, reproductions of wedding cakes realized in single portions. Often these delicious small cakes are used also as gifts for the guests. I personally adore them, I find them very elegant and chic.

Then why shouldn’t we let our palate be pleased without ignoring image and tradition… there’s just a wide range of choice and to find a great pastry chef able to create the cake of your dreams!

wedding cake Letizia Grella Wedding Cake Letizia Grella Letizia Grella


wedding-cake veli rosa wedding cake Dark-Choc-Truffle wedding cake _lime-green-daisy






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