A wedding in white and purple: when details make the difference

  Dreams of love cannot be improvised:

they  are built detail after detail.  Paper cones filled with petals ready to be scattered to celebrate the beginning of a new life together. A padlock to seal the promises of the couple and protect them from the dangers of  time. An  ancient window transformed by the skill of a calligrapher into a refined table planner. A Polaroid to shoot the most beautiful moments and then hang them to dry in the warm late summer wind. Everything played in shades of white and purple, the colors chosen by the bride scattered everywhere: in the bouquet of orchids, hydrangeas and roses, in the flakes bundling the small oil bottles donated to the guests, in the decorations of the tables set up for the dinner, even in the tie of the groom. Dreams of love cannot be improvised: they  are built detail after detail.

Until everything is exactly as you dreamed, and perhaps even better, because even the most careful planning can predict those little nuances that make the unpredictable the more beautiful reality, making every single day an unrepeatable event. As the radiant smile of the bride while clutching the lilac bouquet ready to launch it to her back, or the emotion of the groom when reading in front of everybody the reasons for his love until then whispered privately, or the drops of light alighting on the cypress trees transforming the landscape into a dance of colors.

Dreams of love cannot be improvised: they  are built detail after detail. Starting from a desire.
He is Italian, determined and with specific ideas about what he wants. She German, shy and beautiful. A great love blossomed in London and the desire to get married in Italy in a bucolic yet refined setting, a winery wedding in a romantic and poetic frame, the kind you never forget. They want an outdoor ceremony, stylish and funny, they are looking for a location that is sufficiently large to gather friends and families from all over Europe, which can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception, which has to be imprinted in the eyes and hearts of the guests. It is not hard to please them when you have Tuscany and one of the best times of the year at your disposal.
The winery chosen is on the hills of Pisa and the appointed day is one of those that make you remember how beautiful life can be when it is bathed in sunlight.

The civil ceremony is held in the park of the structure: the green grass, the rolling hills in the background and the blue sky dotted with clouds offer a glance unforgettable and at that point it is sufficient to adorn the chairs with small bouquets of flowers and spread on the ground two long trails of petals to complete a natural choreographic scene.

The two of them are beaming and excited, they read the promises they have written and then they place them inside a white briefcase, that they lock. When they will reopen  it, four seasons of memories will have passed.

After the ceremony, the party moves to the pool for a drink. And this is the moment  we prefer, when faces abandon premarital  anxiety and widen into relaxed  smiles, while the sun setting gives light reflections of reddish to the cypress and the  profiles of people. It is also the time of outdoor games, cricket and the  staging of an original photo shoot with a large white frame and some accessories to dress up in funny poses, that the polaroid captures in snapshots then stretched out to dry for the joy of all the present.

Between cups of champagne and turns of notes of the excellent jazz trio it’s dinner time. New change of scene: you move in front of the cellars. The round tables, candles as centerpieces and rows of lights to create a choreographic ceiling give the dinner a vintage and relaxed  atmosphere, Ideal to enjoy samples of authentic Tuscan cuisine and to sip the fine wines of the factory.

After cutting the cake back to the pool, where the newlyweds are launched in the first dance that opens the dances and the guests leave heels and formal shoes to wear comfortable white flip flop prepared for the occasion. It is late  night when the open bar closes its doors and guests begin to retire with their bottle of oil and some polaroid squeezed between the fingers, in memory of a day destined to remain over time, carved in the hearts of those who decided to devote a life together, and in the eyes of those who were witness.

And in the joy we feel every time we help two lovers to crown their dream!



photo credit: http://www.davidbastianoni.com/it/

catering : Galateo http://www.galateoricevimenti.com/



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