Multicultural wedding in Florence

Since the first meeting I knew it was going to be a wedding full of magic and love.

She with an Indian origins and he, Scottish with an Italian mother…

Florence crowded with tourists in the warmth of a beautiful day in May.

A carriage through the streets of the historic center ably led by a cabby in uniform; hooves stomping the pavement crossing Piazza della Signoria: on board Anne, with her charming oriental features, and with her,   the bridesmaids in multicolored saris.

Inside the courtyard of Palazzo della Signoria, home of the Florentine Renaissance, home of the Medici family, is a multicolored group that awaits the arrival of the bride.

In the first row the groom and his best man: both are wearing superb kilts, distinctive traditional Scottish attire. Like them, the groom’s father.

From all the guests, the guests of the bride stand out, as well as their bridesmaids adorned with traditional Indian Saris. Here it is, beautiful multi-ethnic wedding in the beautiful surroundings of the Town Hall.

The civil ceremony is held in the stunning Red Room, the lounge perfectly set for civil celebrations, decorated with tapestries, paintings and coats of arms that put it the shining era of Renaissance Florence.

At the end of the sober but intense civil celebration, translated by me, their wedding planner, from Italian into English, (I remember being very excited!) their aunts enrich the ceremony according to the traditions: the aunt of the groom recites a poem in English and Scottish, the aunt of the bride invites the bride and groom to the traditional ceremony of the “seven steps“: the bride and groom, promising each other love and fidelity in seven main points, walk seven steps together.

At the end the bride receives a brooch with the colors of the kilts of the Scottish clan which the family of the groom belongs to and which by now she is a part of too.

Hand in hand, they walk along Via dei Calzaioli, the road that leads from Piazza della Signoria to Piazza del Duomo, where the couple receives the congratulations and applauses of passers-by and an unknown number of photos for the curiosity that coats the colorful and beautiful couple.

After the ceremony and after the pictures are taken from the photographer in the historical center, the group moves on board specially hired minivans , to the gardens of Villa Stibbert, famous for hosting the eponymous Museum. This is one of the most famous museums in the world for the collection of ancient weapons, armor and uniforms and is named after the inventor and original owner of the Villa, Frederick Stibbert.

Of an English father and an Italian mother, born in Florence, but educated in England, he came from a military family, and his grandfather was Governor-General of Bengal, India, from where it began the wealth of the family that the young Stibbert inherited in his early twenties. From this he took the passion for weapons and created the museum which, upon he death, bequeathed to the city of Florence.Due to this connection to India it was chosen, from others that had been proposed, by the spouses as the location for their wedding.

In front of the villa, in the garden in front of the park, there was a buffet for the aperitif of the guests , who were also served starters and fresh drinks . Suddenly, the sound of a languid bagpipe, and the couple appears accompanied by a piper in a beautiful Royal Stuart uniform with kilt and hat.

The view is great, the Indian and Scottish colors are mixed and in the light of the sunset create an even more charming and romantic atmosphere of old times is created .  

The ladies in saris have their hands decorated with the colors of the celebration and surround the bride and groom with Indian songs and dances.

In the nearby Limonaia has been set up the dining room for the dinner and the tables are identified by names and photos that recall the monuments of Florence: Santa Croce, Palazzo Vecchio …. etc.. The color scheme of the wedding is pink and gold, and the floral decorations are made of bouquets of hydrangeas and roses.

The wedding gifts are small boxes decorated with stones and containing almonds candies, a symbol of the fusion of Italian culture (the mother of the groom) and the Indian bride’s family.
During the excellent dinner, impeccably served, there is a succession of interventions of the parents of the spouses, relatives and friends who show their happiness to the newlyweds who reciprocate with joy.

At the end the DJ music breaks in ranging from traditional eastern music to the more catchy modern music, but all the guests are easy to convince to  jump in to the whirlwind of the dances.

It is an evening that no one would ever want to end, the atmosphere is magical and full of love and happiness.

Another page was written, another couple realized  their dream and we are happy to have been able to create it with them.



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