Elegant outdoor wedding in Lucca

A boy and a girl hand in hand walk down the main street of Lucca, Fillungo, in the early hours of a strangely cool September morning.

No one notices them, but if they looked better they would see that the chills that run through them are not of cold, but of emotion: in fact I am accompanying them to the town hall for the Sworn Declaration of their wedding. A wedding, especially for a foreigner, is not only party and dancing but it’s also about perfectly knowing everything you need at a bureaucratic level, all necessary documents to be able to actually get married in Italy. Even to this serves my role: helping to coordinate everything so that every detail, every request from the authorities is satisfied, everything is perfect and in order.

But back to them, all right, the ceremony will take place and we can finally dedicate ourselves to it completely!

 We move then to the location chosen for the party and for the ceremony: a beautiful villa on the outskirts of Lucca, on a little hill, surrounded by nature but with multiple opportunities to create eye-catching and different situations and at the same time with an accommodation capacity sufficient to accommodate both the bride and groom and many of their guests.

Our partners are already working on the setting: at the rear of the villa, at the foot of the slight incline that leads up to the pool, we decided that will be celebrated the rite. To one side and the other of the guide we arranged the chairs with white cushions also white. In front, under a decorated arch the ceremony will be performed by the celebrant. They are also preparing for the floral decorations, simple but very well taken care of: hydrangeas, iceberg roses, Vendela and eucalyptus.

On other side of the villa, in front of the main facade, on the grass finely trimmed was placed in the center a beautiful white gazebo under which has been prepared a long table for the guests of the bride and groom. Spread out in a rational way through the park, close to the table of the couple, the other tables where dinner will be served. Tall silver candelabra with white candles and glass boule give height and a touch of class to the equipment; white tablecloths, silver cutlery, white porcelain. All very elegant. At the center of the tables shows off the flower arrangement desired by the couple : a garland of sprigs of olive ……… spread long on the table, with small candles in the bends and small lights to be turned on after dusk to make the atmosphere warmer.

From the terrace of the villa we did hold out a few strands of lamps that will be lit at nightfall. Our engineers have already done everything you need at the right time so that everything runs smoothly. And to brighten up the evening was mounted a platform where newlyweds and guests can let off steam in the dances to the sound of music that will be played by a band specially invited by the United Kingdom. So that they can play live we have procured the necessary musical instruments.

The groom comes up and tells me that everything looks perfect. In the kitchen they’re getting ready to serve appetizers and dinner. In the park, on the sides of the area laid for dinner, they found a place for the bar counter where cocktails will be served and later they’ll have an open bar, while on the other side the buffet area where will be served all the appetizers and dinner buffet . At the center the large grill where they will cook typical Tuscan delicacies grilled: veal steak Florentine and other pork meats, etc. Everything is going well, we just have to wait and oversee so all times are respected. In a ceremony it is essential that the cadence and the order of things is maintained . Meanwhile, in order to show how the atmosphere is carefree and quiet guests of the couple staying in the resort are quietly relaxing in the pool … I envy them !!

But then the ceremony begins! Guests are entertained by a small welcome cocktail and then take their places on the chairs for the ceremony; the groom arrives, impeccable and elegant in a dark suit, takes place near the celebrant waiting for the real star of the day: the bride. Meanwhile she, together with the bridesmaids, each with the bouquet in the same theme of the whole setting, has a moment of emotion. Together with her father she takes courage with a restaurateur coffee …. Here we go, we can go. They descend the stairs leading from the rooms of the villa to the zone of the ceremony to the sound of the piano of our musician: all are very excited and moved. The ceremony takes place in an atmosphere of peace and serenity. At the end husband and wife (finally you can just call it that) welcome the applause of their guests in a roll of flower petals at the time of their exit.

All can indulge in a little: it’s done!

The atmosphere is wonderful, the colors of nature and those of the decorations of the tables, the lights of candles and hanging lamps form an artist picture: the piano music that will accompany also the dinner makes it even warmer.While everything flows smoothly, drinks and appetizers are served: the delicious meat and fish, along with a riot of vegetables and finger food will satisfy even the most refined and demanding palates. Then slowly the guests take their seats at their tables, and dinner starts. greetings and speeches of the guests between a course and the other, and after the usual cutting of the cake, let the dancing begin! The band breaks at the rhythm of swing, blues and rock’n’roll  and they all begin to dance. What a thrill the first dance of the newlyweds and also that between the bride and her father. The evening goes quiet and happy in the end comes the time of the withdrawal: in these areas after a certain time you cannot spoil the peace with loud music. And so to remedy the matter and to continue the party  we have all specially equipped a barn where the music and the party will continue and where they will still serve drinks on request. It’s time to say goodbye to everyone.

We are very happy to have  organized a party that has succeeded so well and the satisfaction that you have made ​​this day unforgettable for both the bride and groom and their guests makes us very proud


Photocredit: http://www.saralincolnphotography.co.uk/    

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