Elegant countryside wedding in San Gimignano

They had fallen in love with it immediately, at first sight. Them, a brilliant and athletic couple from the United States, from  a region that had accustomed  them to long, cold winters, could not help but choose,   among all the  possible locations that we had suggested for their wedding, the beautiful view of the green and rolling hills of Tuscany, with its distinctive skyline of San Gimignano in the background, there right in front of them, yeah…                                                                 

   That was the right place!

The right mix of elegance and return to the rustic, typical of this region, had illuminated their fancy. At the same time they could, in the days before the wedding or shortly thereafter, take a tour in the cities of art ( Florence and Siena.. mostly),   practice outdoor sports (in the swimming pool of the farmhouse or mountain biking in the multiple paths in the surroundings) and carry out the various activities that we suggested to enrich their stay in Tuscany, from wine tasting to cooking class. We then interpreted  with them what would have been the leitmotif of their ceremony: simplicity topped by small touches of elegance, rustic Tuscan  tradition  with those right touches of class, the soft, warm  and soft colors of flowers and aromatic plants in pots, the background music that could lull the moments with their loved ones and at the same time could engage them in sensual couple dances … all this in the green, in the nature and flavors and odors that smell like the heart of Tuscany at this time of the year …

It would have been a beautiful wedding, their wedding,   what they had always dreamed of and wanted…   And so it was.

We set the symbolic ceremony in the flower garden, right in the middle of the area planted with lavender: the table of the celebrant, a rustic simply decorated, placed in front of the guests sat on typical  benches in a slightly retro  style, in  iron and wood, white roses and peonies for a touch of color, in the background the music of a piano and bass sax trio to harmonize the whole.   In the background obviously a natural bucolic paint that the entire world envies us:   The Tuscan Hills! At the end of the sober ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests, a small group and very involved, went to  the area that we set for the aperitif: near the main farmhouse, in the middle of secular olive trees, guests have enjoyed the simple delights of traditional Tuscan cuisine. At the end of the aperitif, under a natural  pergola, in the first lights of the sunset, the imperial table set with easebut keeping an understated elegance, with metallic and ceramic pots where were showing off peonies and white and yellow roses and aromatic herbs has hosted the guests for the wedding dinner. To make even more picturesque and warm the  atmosphere, we thought we’d brighten up the table with rows of bulbs hanging directly under the pergola. The traditional Tuscan cuisine can always amaze you with simplicity and authenticity, choosing from varieties of vegetables, meat and sometimes fish that many regions do not have, as well as a wide selection of fine wines that can satisfy even the most discerning palates. In this context, we have chosen a menu that has been able to meet and satisfy the tastes of the bride and groom and their guests. The atmosphere, already beautiful for the setting, was made even more magical by the live music of the high level musicians who have given life to a soundtrack created searching through the styles  that best fitted the taste of the couple: jazz and swing in particular. And after dinner, giving also a good demonstration of skill and confidence, both bride and groom and their guests have finished off with virtuoso couple‘s dances. We are really happy to have helped make this day so beautiful and memorable for them!     

Would you like to organize a beautiful, simple, elegant and genuine wedding like this? a wedding in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, with suggestive views on San Gimignano, Volterra, Vinci… or maybe on the  Chianti area? Contact me   and we’ll organize it together!

Photography: Bastianoni Studio

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