Vincigliata Castle in Florence

The origins of this castle nestled in the hills of Florence date back to the eleventh century. After being lost to the game several times changing hands between the leading families of Florence, it was noted in the nineteenth century by an English lord, who decided to restore it and return it to its former beauty. The castle offers its guests a terrace for a welcome cocktail with panoramic views over the city and the Florentine hills, a garden for cocktails and night dancing, halls with furniture and frescoes of the ‘500, a charming courtyard where to serve dinner in the magical atmosphere of candles, torches and a sky full of stars. In case of inclement weather, the lodge can hold up to 300 people.

Where: Fiesole (Florence).

Type of location: medieval castle.

For whom: those who dream of an old fashioned wedding, romantic and scenic.

Distinguishing features: As any self-respecting castle, also the one of Vincigliata has its own legend. It is said that the ghost of a girl, who died of a broken heart after the death of her beloved, hovers in the castle protecting all loves, especially the most contrasted.

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