Villa Laura

The property is located 10 kilometers from Lucca, one of the most fascinating towns in Tuscany, where the story pulsates in every nook and narrow streets suddenly open on sunny little squares, dotted by eighth century palaces and delicious cafes. But it is not only the position to attract couples from across the Alps, because this perfectly restored old villa makes you feel like stepping back in time, until the Renaissance that made Tuscany the navel of the world.

The villa is flanked by five other structures transformed into exclusive apartments, some with private pools. But even the common areas ensure an unforgettable stay: a delightful little garden in the shade of ancient trees, perfect for a drink with the guests, a beautiful lawn in front of the building for the wedding party, a pool far away from prying eyes where to relax after the joys (and hardships) of marriage.

Where: Lucca.

Type of location: Villa of the seventeenth century.

For whom: those who dream of an elegant wedding in Art Nouveau style.

Distinguishing features: private chapel.

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