The Most Unforgettable Wedding Venues in Tuscany

There is no other place in the world like Italy and Tuscany is the poetic heart that beats in its breast. Renaissance villas with breathtaking vistas of the beautiful cities of Florence and Lucca, medieval villages rich in history and, hidden away like precious treasures, lie romantic castles which echo amorous intrigues and heroic deeds of chivirlous knights. Siena, resplendent in luxurious relais, where the sunsets seem to be painted by expert hands and the sounds of nature are narrated by ancient poets. Each venue is in its own way steeped in art, history, culture and emotions. A vitality and a love that only Tuscany can give.

Given the huge demand for some venues it is preferable to organize well in advance and, if possible, create a small long weekend getaway to evaluate in person what each location and venue has to offer. Believe me, even the best photograph in the world will ever make it to one hundred percent the beauty of certain venues. If this is not possible, do not worry, I'll give you all the information you need and we will build together the perfect wedding or event tailored just for you.

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Hotel Villa in Florence

This beautiful residence, turned into a high level city resort, is considered the ” grand dame of the south hill [...]

Rustic Villa in San Gimignano

  Flowers are the main theme of this beautiful farmhouse . The company specializes in the cultivation of flowers and [...]

A Unique Castle near Florence

There is no woman, not even the “tomboy”, even the most pragmatic and less prone to flights of fancy who [...]

Luxury Relais

What is said of this stunning relais  is absolutely true: it is an open window on history. Although the earliest [...]

Villa Medici

VILLA MEDICI Specializing in hosting receptions for nearly half a century, this villa that lies in the Chianti region is [...]

Luxury Hotel Villa in Florence

  LUXURY HOTEL VILLA IN FLORENCE A 5-star luxury hotel, 20 minute walk from Ponte Vecchio and a few steps [...]

Vincigliata Castle in Florence

The origins of this castle nestled in the hills of Florence date back to the eleventh century. After being lost [...]

Wedding in Elegant Villa on the Tuscan hills near Florence

Villa dating back to the seventeenth century, located on the Florentine hill overlooking vineyards and olives groves. This elegant villa [...]
Castle in Florence | wedding locations in Tuscany

A Magic Castle for Weddings in Fiesole (Florence)

On the hills of Fiesole, a few minutes from Florence, stands this majestic castle which represents one of the most [...]