A Luxury Castle Wedding in Maremma

Getting to this castle is in itself a relaxing journey: the harmonious and peaceful hills of Maremma that seem to have no end, small churches that stand lonely here and there, some farmstead of those who cannot have it done to mingle with the noise of the city. But it is when you walk through the ancient stone door and you enter the large garden surrounding the property that the full effect of the magnificence strikes you. Seven hectares of meadows dotted with cypress trees that are a feast for the senses, especially the smell: the pungent fragrance of rosemary and lavender that spread through the alleys, the heady scents of roses and brooms that permeate the air with the arrival of summer, brackish notes that climb from the sea along the slopes. A great venue for a castle wedding in Maremma.

This beautiful medieval castle, that some of the major magazines have included among the 60 best hotels in the world, offers the opportunity to celebrate within its walls traditional civil unions and striking symbolic ceremonies, while several churches located in the area are ready to welcome the desires of those who want to seal their love with a Catholic rite.

For the welcome cocktai,  we suggest the environment of the swimming pool in mosaic glass protected by olive trees, while for the aperitif you can choose between the large lawn that stretches up to the walls of the castle or the second pool, in travertine, which blends with the surrounding countryside. The dinner will have easy game in the warm and intimate atmosphere of candles and lanterns and all you have to think about during the banquet will be enjoying the fresh air that rises from the sea and ask yourselves how many stars have decided to fill the sky.

The guests can find hospitality in the seven very special suites of the castle or in different farms in the area, whet their palates with tastings of excellent Tuscan wines, enjoy a relaxing massage in the Spa of the castle and finally to devote themselves to long contemplations of the sunset immersed in the Jacuzzi suspended on nothing.


Where: Maremma
Type of location: 1100 Castle.
For whom: those who dream of a rustic but top class wedding in the wild and uncontaminated nature of the Tuscan Maremma.
Distinguishing features: The mood of travelers of the two owners is revealed in unique details that give an exotic touch to the whole structure and which reaches its peak in the incredible bed of the Chinese Suite from the Indonesian island of Madura.

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