Mother of the Bride – Shanti & Gerard

Dear Alessia: Bon journo!! Com es tai?

Since this is all I can say in Italian, and I wish to say a lot, I will now revert to English!!!

We returned to our home in Cincinnati over 10 days ago carrying in our mind many memories of the wedding. The wedding was such a fantastic affair that these memories keep coming up all day and sometimes in sleep as well. They refuse to recede or fade even after the passage of so many days.

The colors, flowers, decorations, lighting, tables – all were unimaginably beautiful. Even the tent and chandeliers added so much to the ambiance; we are so glad that it threatened to rain but ultimately did not. The evening certainly would not have been the same without the tent and chandeliers.

And, of course, the Gods gifted us with great weather.

Arun and I are grateful to you for bringing all these vendors to our attention and then ensuring that they delivered as promised. (A special thanks to Nadia and her team – the flowers and mantap will forever be etched in our memories. Thanks also to Francesco – the evening lighting was magical).

Above all, however, we are grateful to you beyond words for ensuring that every program of the weekend went smoothly – the weekend was packed with events and there was not a single hiccup or hitch!!!

That in itself gave us so much relief and satisfaction. The pageantry and beauty of the wedding events merely added to the sense of joy we experienced at a wedding well conducted.

A million thanks to you – and to Nicola, your husband – for the extraordinary effort, diligence, and care you put forth to make sure that Shanthi’s and Jerry’s wedding was all that Shanthi dreamed of and more.

We feel that we have created a special bond with you and would love to stay in touch with you. If you and your family should ever wish to visit us in the US, our home is yours. We would love to host you.
Additionally, kindly send me a list of all the blogs and websites where I may write reviews of your services. Nothing would give me greater joy.
(We would happily do the same for Nadia and Francesco.)

With gratitude and best wishes, Padma