Wedding in a Castle

You say “castle ” and you think about garrisons of soldiers protected by glistening armor, courtesans and ladies wrapped in precious and fluffy clothes, watchtowers and moats, tunnels and hiding places. It almost seems like hearing all the “voices” of the past: the tolling of the bell, the artillery’s shots , the intrigues in the middle of the night, secrets whispered by candlelight …

But the castle also refers to romantic and enchanting sceneries , where words of love and eternal promises chase each other like in a fairy tale. Who has not dreamed at least once, to be in the shoes of the princess trapped in the tower  saved  by the fearless knight after many adventures? Every woman has the right to feel like a princess at least once in her life and if you have not yet had the chance now it is the time to do so.

With us you can organize a fairytale wedding in a real castle in Tuscany, rent it only for the reception or for several days, in order to give to you, your spouse and all your guests an unforgettable experience.

Friends and relatives can stay in the rooms and mini apartments set within the ancient walls rich in history, or if the location does not allow it, in beautiful farmhouses nearby. Imagine their surprise when they will be invited to meet the bride and groom to the reception … in a real castle! Imagine sipping a welcome drink in the garden, with a view that is lost in the hills and olive groves. And then the banquet set up in the courtyard, or in the spacious frescoed rooms, and the large ballroom with Renaissance furniture, fine fabrics and chandeliers …

All of our locations are jewels in their own right, unique and inimitable, each with specific characteristics that make it perfect for any need you may have. There is a distinctive feature, however, that unites them all: the promise of a great love.

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