Enchanting Wedding Hamlets

For couples who want their wedding to feel like a special romantic getaway, an enchanting wedding at a hamlet, or borgo makes the perfect venue. The vistas of timeless landscapes along with the scent of lavender and jasmine floating through the air, you and your guests will be transported in time.

A borgo is a small Italian village or a collection of old farmhouses built around a castle or on important old thoroughfares. Many borgos date back to medieval times and are deeply rooted in history, culture, and the landscape. There are many of these special gems dotted across the Tuscan landscape renovated and styled into magical hotels where guests can experience the authentic Italian life in the ultimate Italian retreat.

From entire borgos for rent to luxury village hotels, these elegantly restored medieval hamlets ensure an utterly immersive Italian countryside experience.

You can organize your fairytale wedding at a Borgo in Tuscany. Rent it only for the reception or for several days give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Friends and relatives can stay in the rooms and mini-apartments set within these ancient hamlets rich in history, or in beautifully restored farmhouses nearby. Imagine sipping a welcome drink in the garden, with a view of the hills and olive groves. Enjoy a feast from local farms set up in the courtyard.

All of our locations are jewels in their own right, each with specific characteristics that make it special and memorable. There is a distinctive feature, however, that unites them all: the promise of great love.