Wedding Villas in Lucca

Lucca is a beautiful, medieval, Tuscan city, recommended for all romantics looking for an exclusive location for their Tuscan wedding.  A walk along the stunning walls and the views of a city rich with history, is the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. Once you’ve finished your walk along the walls, and after you’ve admired the incredible landscape of the Tuscan countryside, you can stroll around the many picturesque, cobbled  streets within the historic centre, pausing to admire the craft shops, piazzas and numerous chapels. Lucca is a city to be absorbed slowly while discovering major works of art and architecture of antique Rome,   the Renaissance and the XVIII century on every corner.  It’s an ideal place for those wanting a small to medium sized wedding and for groups who want to experience the atmosphere and unique tastes of Tuscany.


Celebrating a wedding with a civil ceremony in Lucca

In Lucca, a civil wedding can take place in the historic centre of the city within the prestigious ‘Palazzo Orsetti’, in an elegant and pleasant frescoes  room. Other options, which have recently been selected by the local council, are luxury residences of antique aristocrats, situated in the countryside around Lucca, each with enormous parks, trees, flowers and fountains, where you can have your civil wedding.  The ceremonies can be held during the day or at sunset amidst the splendid viewpoints o f hills covered with olive- groves and sunflower- covered fields, where the candles, flowers and white linen will help make your wedding an intimate and elegant experience.


  One of the well- loved historical buildings of Lucca, (previously mentioned) is the ‘ Palazzo Orsetti‘, surely one of the most beautiful aristocratic buildings of Tuscany. A grand staircase leads to a room whose walls are adorned with sumptuous silk tapestries and magnificent antique mirrors. The staircase is ideal for a bride who dreams of making a grand entrance in her beautiful wedding dress. The internal areas are decorated with the original furniture of its time and the extra rooms are available for ceremonies dependent on the number of guests.

A villa Wedding in the lovely hills of Lucca

The villa is situated in the beautiful hills of Lucca, and was built between the end of the XV and the beginning of the XVI century by the Bonvisi family (based on a project designed by Matteo Civitali). It is by far one of the most beautiful villas in Italy offering the possibility to celebrate a marriage in an atmosphere of rare beauty among statues, fountains and magical water effects. Completely surrounded by walls, the garden of the villa is spread over three levels which omit and air of liveliness and movement.


Historical Residence of the XVI Century

The important historical residence of the XVI century:

To reach the building you need to pass through an elegant  iron gate and follow a private street. It’s situated just 7kms from the city centre in an enchanting, natural and architectural landscape immersed in a park of 9 hectures, which is one of the most interesting in the area of Lucca. The villa has elegant rooms decorated with ‘trompe l’oeil’ precious furniture and antique paintings, a park with trees and rare botanic species, and a majestic limonaia with its collection of citrus plants. The fascinating theatre of greenery and the outhouse offer their space for ceremonies, parties and hospitality.



A villa in the countryside of Lucca

The  villa, which was built at the beginning of the 1600s for the Bernardini family,   can be found only 3kms from the historic centre of Lucca in the middle  of a shady, green hillside. Villa Bernardini is in an ideal position for upmarket events, providing a romantic and fascinating atmosphere.  The large park which surrounds the villa is adorned by more than 350 varieties of vegetation like trees, flowering shrubs and colourful flowers. The secret garden, winter garden and the lemon orchard are perfect to create an unforgettable,   ceremonial day.

villa storica lucca


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