Getting Married in Cortona (in the middle of Tuscany)

Cortona: magnificent panorama and Position

Cortona is a small town located on a hill overlooking one of the most extraordinary and harmonious landscapes of Italy. Its origins are very old, it is said that even Virgil himself argues that  Dardanus himself, after founding Cortona, left for the East and built the city of Troy.
It’s surrounded by walls built in the Etruscan period and still retains the architecture of that time.
Walking through the streets of the town you can still breathe an old times’ atmosphere. The old shops and the genuineness of its inhabitants make it a destination really sought-after by tourists from all over the world.

Cortona Town Hall

Getting married in Cortona

The town of Cortona is housed in the Town Hall dating back to  the seventh century, and civil marriages take place in the “Sala dei Consiglieri”.

For Catholic weddings there are numerous churches both within the ancient walls but also nearby where you can celebrate your religious ceremony.

Alessia b will advise you about the most beautiful locations in Cortona: ancient villages and historic villas and cottages where you can organize both the ceremony and the wedding reception. Also we can show you the facilities to accommodate your guests which, in some cases, are perfect to organize a wedding reception.
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Origins and history of Cortona

It’s well known that its brightest period  was at the time of the Etruscans, who made it one of the largest and most important city for this civilization, and  we can find many scattered traces of this throughout the area (see the graves of Melone  and Sodo, still available to be visited) but later in Cortona the Romans have followed and then, after the medieval period, the Florentines (Medici era), the people of Siena, Arezzo and later the Hapsburgs, the French of Napoleon, finally up to the proclamation of independence and accession to the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.

This is because the location is truly enviable: Cortona from the top of a hill overlooks the valley of the river Chiana, the close Lake Trasimeno and it is basically halfway between Perugia and Arezzo. The area is particularly well suited to cultivation and breeding (from this area are the famous cows “Chianine”) and over the years there has been a lot of development on both the tourist and the artistic side.

What to visit

For those  who prefer to devote more time to  history and monuments there’s a wide choice of places: in the historic centre  Piazza della Repubblica (where you can admire the Town Hall ) and Piazza Signorelli (where you will visit  Palazzo Casali, abode  of the Etruscan Museum and of course Teatro Signorelli,   where there are usually many performances of international level) as well as the walk to via Nazionale. Then you can continue the visit with the Oratory of St. Francis, the Cathedral and the close  Diocesan Museum . Absolutely to recommend the climb to the church of St. Niccolò before and then the  Basilica of Santa Margherita,  where,   from the square you can admire the panorama of the underlying Val di Chiana to Lake Trasimeno. Is it enough ? For those who prefer shopping , the center offers via Rugapiana overlooked by the windows of the main shops . If you have a few days available  ,  the geographical position of Cortona favors , however, even in less than an hour, excursions to the most famous cities of Florence and Arezzo or Siena.

Festivals and traditions

It is important to remember  events such as the antiques market, which takes place on the first Sunday of every month, dedicated to one of the most famous and popular craft activities in this area, the recovery and restoration of old historic furniture and their marketing, and most modern events such as the Cortona mix festival, that’s  a mix of theater, music and dance. I mean, who is, especially during  summer,   in Cortona, certainly cannot get bored. cortona mix festival

Food and Wine

But to speak of Tuscany and not refer to wine and food is truly a crime. A stone’s throw from the Chianti area you cannot help but taste even here the fantastic wines famous all over the world, and the cuisine offers, in addition to the already aforementioned steak “Chianina”,   a remarkable choice of game (wild boar, roe deer, etc. ) and typical products of the territory (the roast pork, for example) .. In short, a real treat for even the most demanding palates. All this can be on hand to organize a really dreamy wedding, which can satisfy the bride and groom and their guests under all the possible aspects.

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