Halfway between Florence and Pisa, among the green hills of Tuscany, rises the city of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth. Here you can celebrate your civil ceremony in the shadow of the thousand-year-old tower that soars above the picturesque and historic town center and also houses a museum dedicated to the “Genius of the Millennium”, or you can choose the “Casa Natale” (the house where Leonardo was born).

Vinci is a small town nestled amongst vineyards and olive trees which produce valuable and an excellent quality wine and oil.

On 15th April 1452 the genius Leonardo da Vinci was born in a quarter called Anchiano. You must visit the Leonardo museum situated inside the castle ‘Conti Guidi di Vinci’.

For couples who decide to have a civil ceremony, this town can offer two sites which are connected to the life and memory of Leonardo; in the interior of the museum for a ceremony set below Leonardo’s impressive flying wings or outdoors, surrounded by olive trees at ‘Casa Natale di Anchiano’ where Leonardo himself was born.

Near the museum of Leonardo there is the church of Santa Croce which would be the perfect setting for religious ceremonies.

Weddings in Vinci in the Tuscan hills

Do you dream of a wedding surrounded by greenery where you can breathe in the charms of culture and history? [...]