Symbolic Weddings

A Symbolic Ceremony can be celebrated everywhere but it hasn’t got any legal or religious value.
The peculiarity of the Symbolic Rite is that your wedding takes on a value and a celebrative authenticity as in other types of Ceremony. Deciding to get married with this kind of rite, then, you’ll have the possibility to celebrate your union in the most enchanting locations that Tuscany can offer you.

Beautiful villas with breathtaking views on the Tuscan countryside, Historical Palaces that look out onto the treasures of Florence or Siena or Lucca and Pisa, or the suggestive courtyards of a medieval castle and, why not, on the sea shore with the light of an unforgettable sunset.

The Symbolic ceremony can be held in the place you choose also for the wedding party and we’ll help you with the selection of your ideal location!

The symbolic rite is usually celebrated by an officiate who will give to your wedding a really intimate and special touch, during which your guests can take part reading passages dedicated to you and your love story.

As for the civil and religious ceremonies, this kind of ceremony can be made even more unforgettable by the enchanting background of the Tuscan panorama framed by our flowered settings and accompanied by the romantic notes of the violins or the warm and moving sound of a saxophone.

Whatever the case, we’ll be by your side and advise you so that you can fulfill what you’ve always dreamt.

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