Vegan and Vegetarian Weddings

In recent years, more and more couples are asking us to help organise a vegetarian or vegan wedding breakfast.

In fact, many make this ethical or ideological choice, and therefore it’s extremely important to respect these beliefs, especially on the most important day of your life.

Why then, don’t you think about proposing a menu with vegetarian based dishes? The starters, for example, can easily be made so they are fully appreciated, even by those who do eat meat and fish.

We shouldn’t feel pressured when making the choice of a ‘veggie or vegan’ menu, just because there maybe more traditional or elderly guests present, but, in our experience, it’s simply a matter of compromise. For example, having vegetarian entreès and starters, followed by a main course offering a meat or fish alternative, is a good idea.

Otherwise, in the case of ‘you are who you are’ and opt to have a fully vegetarian or vegan  menu anyway, that’s not a problem. The catering company will propose recipes prepared entirely with vegan ingredients, or with egg and milk added for vegetarians.

In both cases the dishes will be tasty and original and will satisfy even the most demanding of guests.

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