The Importance of A Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist

Every bride needs a little assistance leading up to the walk down the aisle. There are little details that may seem simple enough to take care of yourself in order to save on your budget, which may be true. But there’s one thing you definitely shouldn’t skimp on and that’s a wedding hair and makeup artist. With so many wedding makeup and hair tutorials on Youtube these days it would seem like DIY is the best way to go. But here is one bride’s story about how hiring a professional for the job was the best choice.

Originally from California, Tessa happened to meet her Florentine husband, Andrea, when she was visiting her mom in Florence, Italy. She was at her mom’s dinner party and her soon-to-be was one of the guests. They dated for a while, fell in love and wanted to stay together, so they decided to get married. The tricky thing was, when they got engaged it was the end of December and they wanted an early March wedding date… This only left them with two and a half months to prepare! Sounds insane, but crazier has happened.

Now, as we all know, time flies. Especially when planning for a wedding. We think we have everything under control and before you know it, there’s too much to do in too little time. Tessa had planned on doing her own makeup and hair for the wedding. It seemed easy enough. It was a Town Hall wedding, nothing too fancy…right? Why couldn’t she do her own makeup and her mom could do her hair…right?? However, the week leading up to her wedding was more stressful than previously thought. She still didn’t have the makeup she needed to pair with her vintage dress. She didn’t even have a purse or gloves or shoes or hair accessories. The little details began adding up!

Her mom made a quick phone call and voila! A makeup and hair stylist was scheduled to come to her house the morning of the wedding. This gave Tessa the relief she needed to concentrate on getting all those important last minute details off the to-do list. And it spared her the grief of having to buy all the makeup herself which in the end would have cost the same as hiring someone to do it for her. She was able to complete her vintage look with all the proper accessories. The only thing left to do was wait for her wedding day to come.

The morning of her big day, the makeup and hairstylist arrived. Tessa was able to sit back and relax while a professional took care of the dirty work, adding on the perfect red lipstick (which did not come off when kissing her groom or eating/drinking. Something a professional would know), winged eyeliner and arched eyebrows to finish off her late 1950’s vintage look. All Tessa had to do was get dressed, gather her family together and arrive to the ceremony on time! Sounds easy enough? It’s not! After rushing around the house gathering everything and everyone together and braving the very windy outdoors, everyone was finally in the car and on the way to the ceremony.

Tessa arrived at the Town Hall to what appeared to be a mob of paparazzi taking flash photos of her and she felt extremely nervous but was at ease knowing her makeup and hair were both photo ready. She was able to get through her very special and important day without any concerns or worries about her makeup coming off or her hair getting out of place and was ready for all those hundreds of photos to be taken.

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