Get married in Florence: unforgettable days for you and your guests

Old Palace

Getting married in Florence is a very romantic choice!
In Florence you will have many opportunities to celebrate your special day and spend unforgettable moments with your love and your guests.
A Romantic villa, a castle on the rolling hills, a terrace overlooking Florence or a country relais… These are some of the possible venues where to organize the wedding of your dreams.
I really love Florence and today I would  like to give you some information and curiosity about this enchanting city:

Jewel of art and global culture, the city of Florence has always been considered as the cradle of Italian Renaissance. The administrative center of Tuscany, laid down on the shore of the Arno, has seen, in fact, since 1400, the shining works of many important artists, who, with their works, have embellished the city with churches, palaces and unique buildings, paving the way to Modern Age. There’s so much that Florence can offers to the view of those who love beauty and architectonic harmony, but for those who don’t have a lot of time at their disposal, it is necessary, as long as you’re able to make yourself some space among the tourists, to pay a visit to the most important buildings like:

The Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, with its façade of white and green marble and the famous cupola by Brunelleschi, which overlooks the city from up above and will let you stand dazzled staring at so much beauty, asking yourself if it’s possible that men have been able to conceive and realize such works;

Piazza della Signoria, centre of the social, political and civil life of Florentine people, with the copy of the statue of the David by Michelangelo, and mostly with Palazzo Vecchio, considered as the best example of civil fourteenth-century architecture in the world, such a big compound that it is not possible to include it as a whole in the lens of the camera;

Florence Duome

Ponte Vecchio, the most beautiful bridge in Florence, with the workshops of the goldsmiths, which attract a lot of tourists, and in 1500 took the place of butchers’ and vegetables’ sellers. It’s such a unique building that it seems that it was spared even by Hitler during the Second World War.

Finally, wear a pair of comfortable shoes and prepare yourself to visit the museum of the Uffizi. If you haven’t already had the Stendhal syndrome, beware that the view of those works by Botticelli, Leonardo or Giotto can probably prepare you to reveal its symptoms.


EPSON scanner image The path of history, which has crossed Florence through the centuries, has bequeathed the city of really unique  traditions and customs, of which its inhabitants are still proud of and you can see them live if you choose the right time of the year. Among these, the “Scoppio del Carro” (“the blast of the cart ”, ndt), which dates back to the first Crusade in 1099, when the Florentine Ranieri de’ Pazzi received as present from the duke Goffredo IV three chips of the stone of the Holy Sepulchre, later brought to Florence and used to create a spark of fire to hand out among the domestic fireplaces as symbol of the Resurrection of Christ on Easter time. On the day of this festivity and during the Mass, the Archbishop of the city lights a dove-shaped rocket which scrolls down a long steel thread that connects the altar with a cart loaded with fireworks which, crackling, brings good prophecy to the city.

Instead, if you like funny shows with hurly burly, shouts, blows and repeated and solemn naming of the “bischero” (Florentine name for fool, idiot, ndt), you can’t miss the show of the historic game of costume soccer, whose origins date back to the Romans and takes place every year at the end of June, with the four biggest neighborhoods of the city, which start the game screaming “Viva Florence”.


For those who love good food, in the end, in the city of the Lily, those who love good food, in the end, in the city of the Lily, you’ll just have to choose among the various “trattoria” (local traditional restaurants, ndt) and the restaurants spread throughout the historical centre or in the suburbs. Florentine T-Bone Steak

You’d better know that, whether you’re inclined or not to light your wallet, Tuscan cuisine will surprise you with its genuine and simple gastronomy bound  to the territory and to its wonderful raw materials, offering  to you main courses like the tomato mush, where the red vegetable, accompanied by oil, garlic and pepper, is the king, or “fagioli all’uccelletto” (a typical course made with beans and tomatoes’ soup, ndt)  and the “ribollita”, a sort of soup made with stale bread and vegetables among which the black cabbage. Tasty meats like the famous t-bone, queen of the table, that you have to enjoy strictly rare cooked and game as boar or hare humid, are instead worthy side dishes, especially if combined with a good red wine like Chianti, Brunello or Montepulciano. And in the end, don’t forget to taste the flavors of the confectionary tradition, like the Tuscan Castagnaccio, made of  chestnuts flour, the Pampepato or Panforte, spicy cake rich of honey and dry fruit and the Cantucci, crunchy biscuits made with butter and almonds. Tasting a good glass of Vin Santo, along with them, even life will seem sweeter.

Florence Arno River

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