Florence: Gorgeous Places to Get Married

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and the ideal location in which to celebrate your nuptials.

For couples who intend to get married in a civil ceremony, the city of Florence has enchanting places at your disposal that are unique and extremely romantic.

Palazzo Vecchio: Inside the palazzo, there are three magnificent rooms to choose from to hold you civic ceremony: the famous Sala Rossa, La Sala di Lorenzo located in the museum section and the magnificent Il Salone dei Cinquecento‘.


Dating back to the 1300s, it’s one of the most well-known civic buildings in Italy. Originally called Palazzo Novo o dei Priori, in 1540 it became the Palazzo Ducale. It was at this time that the Duke Cosimo I dei Medici made it his residence until 1565. Then from 1865 until 1881, when Florence was the Capital of Italy, this building became the seat of the Italian Parliament and today hosts the Mayor of Florence as well as various other council offices.

The Sala Rossa, which gets it’s name from the particular red decor, was created as a private bedroom. The ceiling is decorated with precious paintings representing the Medici family and is decorated with beautiful tapestries (the latter represent the story of Ester taken from the Old Testament).



The Sala di Lorenzo: Continues the celebration of the Medici family through numerous fresco paintings. The the central most painting in the room is of ‘il Magnifico’ receiving homage from the ambassadors. Flanked on each side of the painting are representations of other members of the family and at the end the taking of Sarzana.


The Salone del Cinquecento  from an historical and cultural point of view is surely one of the most important rooms in the Palazzo. The Salone was commissioned by Girolamo Savonarola to Simone del Pallaiolo to Francesco di Domenico and expanded by Vasari during Cosimo I’s rule.  palazzo-vecchio-salone-500

The Rose Garden is the perfect location for a romantic wedding. Positioned in the hills of San Miniato, it enjoys a breathtaking view that is truly unforgettable. In the 19th century Attilio Pucci, owner of the land, built the terraces and planted an incredible collection of roses. In the garden, you can admire over 1000 different kinds of roses, 350 of which are heirloom species. When the roses are in full bloom, a riot of colours and scents make this small corner of paradise unique.




Villa Vogel, the seat of the district council.

 The villa is found in the quarter Isolotto, an area on the outskirts of Florence. The greenery and the dominant colours extend for more than 1000 square metres. New trees are planted next to ancient poplars, cypresses, limes, pine trees and holms, all perfectly in line with the architecture of Villa Vogel and all confirming the past lushness of the place.

So, which romantic spot in Florence will you choose?

Florence has opened its doors of art and the past to you… are you going to enter?

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