Dream Wedding in a Tuscan Castle

The rolling hills, the sun of summer days…
That’s why Eimear and Niall fell in love with Italy and Tuscany!

For their special day, they wanted a country where the climate was different from their home in Ireland which is often rainy and cold.

Although the day we visited the Castle of Montegufoni, the climate was closer to that of their mother country, compared to the typical one of Tuscany, their hearts had a start, and together we decided that this would be the ideal location to crown their dream wedding in Italy – the right one among the many others I had proposed to them.

A Castle in the hills near Florence where you can have the opportunity not only to celebrate the ceremony but also be able to stay together with your guests for a few days of relaxing and celebrations together. To fully enjoy every moment of what is to be the happiest day of their lives.

Indeed, the history of Montegufoni Castle, dates back to the twelfth century, with its structure and with its spacious halls. It gives the opportunity to spend time with friends and relatives, many housed in renovated apartments for truly unforgettable moments.
The presence of a fine restaurant, nice swimming pool, proximity to the city of Florence, the view of the rolling green hills, the ability to breathe the atmosphere of times past… all this was perfect for them.

We collaborated together working out the various aspects that colored their wedding: from decorations to music, to selecting and creating the menu… and then after waiting for months, it finally became reality.

The ceremony was held in the court of the Dukes: the celebrant along with the bride and groom in front of guests seated in neat rows of white chairs. A vintage coffee table beside him and two beautiful flower arrangements, in the same tone and color of the bride’s bouquet, the smaller for the bride’s maid, one for the beautiful daughter of Eimear, Shauna, that is purple with lilac hydrangeas and roses.

In the air the sounds of a string quartet, which although invisible (they were placed in a gallery overlooking the courtyard), has been the soundtrack with pop music songs chosen by the spouses for all the especially poignant moments of the ceremony, as the promises of the spouses, the exchange of rings and the ceremony of the sand.

I was struck by the emotion of all the guests, especially the lovely sisters of the bride, and Eimear’ daughter.
At the end, after the festivities of all the present ones to the newly married couple, we all moved outside in the garden where we had prepared a buffet that has continued for a long time again accompanied by the romantic music of the string quartet placed discreetly on the terrace overlooking the garden.

The whole atmosphere was warm and deeply felt and the guests have proven to enjoy everything we had prepared carefully with the couple.


Meanwhile, we proceeded to set up, in the main courtyard of the castle, the tables for dinner: round tables, with classic white tablecloths, but decorated with golden candles floating in transparent glass vases. At the center of each table we have placed a tall center table, always in transparent glass, on top of which laid a rich boule of flowers: roses and peonies in pink with shades of pale pink and white: a gorgeous glance, especially in light of the nightfall.

The delicious dinner left satisfied even the most demanding palates, and the atmosphere was warm and sympathetic. After dinner, before hitting the dance floor, on the terrace overlooking the pool area, has been prepared the angle for the cutting of the cake: a delicious puff pastry stuffed with whipped cream and strawberries.

After the toast, the whole company moved into the limonaia below the castle, where the DJ involved the bride and groom and guests in carefree wild dancing with music selected by the couple that together with the lights cleverly designed, with numerous candles and flower arrangements have created a situation really nice and warm.

The evening continued late into the night, accompanied by delicious cocktails that were prepared at the open bar.

Time to say goodbye, there is always a moment of sadness for the end of a new adventure, mixed and softened, however, by the knowledge and the joy of having helped to ensure that a newly married couple has lived the dream of their life: a memorable wedding!

Greetings Eimear and Niall!

For you a happy life full of love! …


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