Fairytale wedding in Florence

The cheerful rousing notes of a Slavic music fill the silence of a warm June night. We are on the hills above the beautiful city of Florence, in a magnificent castle in medieval style, cleverly illuminated by lights that create a magical atmosphere. Inside, in the courtyard, in the most complete and carefree fun, the couple together with the most sincere and cheerful friends, indulges in traditional Romanian dances. The musical group, that of Adi De La Valcea, is one of the best known in Romania and has come along specifically to make the wedding party even more unforgettable.
The groom, a well-known Romanian football player, recently moved to England in a Premier  London League team.
She, his deeply in love girl, in this day turned into a real princess. But let’s step back.

I met the bride on the occasion of her visit to Florence. Well, yes: among all the cities in the world she could have chosen to realize her dream, she has chosen our city. And how can she be wrong? At the first meeting we quickly felt empathy and together we began to weave the fabric of the wedding she wanted. The subsequent contacts and the exchange of emails with her who was in London with her betrothed, have allowed us to plan everything and when we arrived at the evening before the wedding, at the meeting with her partner, we were already perfectly prepared.
The chosen day, in one of the hottest days this summer, in a beautiful church of Florence, just a few steps from Piazza della Signoria, the elegant guests coming both from Romania and from other European cities, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bride.

The groom, also very elegant and visibly moved, stood in the transept along with the pastor, who was also Romanian, and received the congratulations and good wishes of all guests.
The church was a blaze of white roses expertly arranged in a boule in tall crystal vases, in composition with slightly lower vases where small lighted candles were floating in the water; all marked the path from the door to the altar. And here’s her: the bride. The arrival in a vintage Rolls Royce, white, aroused the attention and admiration of many passers-by and tourists in transit, and her ascent on the steps to the church, she, a beautiful red haired girl in an elegant long white dress with a train and veil, also heard the echo of some spontaneous applause. The ceremony was held with Romanian language and ritual , alternated by songs and music belonging to their traditions, in a climate of general commotion. In the end, leaving the church, the couple has left friends to go to discrete and evocative corners of the beautiful Florence to take really artistic pictures.

In the evening the whole group was transferred, with resources specially arranged by us, to the Castle of Vincigliata, where dinner was going to take place. In the beautiful Italian garden overlooking the castle, with a breathtaking view of Florence, guests were able to enjoy a long drink at the magical sound of a string ensemble that adorned the atmosphere. The evening got slowly  cool and  allowed spouses and guests to move to the covered  area where we had arranged the tables for dinner. At the center of the tables, elegantly set with cream-colored tablecloths, placemats and golden cutlery, glasses and crystal stemware, towered floral arrangements: small jars filled with white roses and tall crystal  vases with boule of white roses and orchids; around crystal vases with gold-colored candles lit.

All in a succession of different heights that gave dimension and volume, while maintaining the tones and colors that were the leitmotif of the whole arrangement . But the special touch was the planning, during dinner, of musical interludes that allowed the bride and groom and guests to go wild in dances that have enlivened and filled with joy the entire evening. It’s been really amazing to see both young and older people also participate with joy at this event! At the console, as well as DJs, have alternated true stars of Romanian television: the singer Stefan Stan and TV star Delia, two celebrities who have remained faithful to their fully deserved fame.

The dinner was held at regular intervals, alternating dishes expertly cooked and presented. The quality must be always  impeccable. And so it was this time too. At the moment of the cutting of the cake, the couple had decided to set up an exceptional cake corner: they alternated Italian delicacies with dishes from international cuisine.
Champagne filled their glasses and made the rest of the evening especially “bubbly”!

A blow in  Hollywood style the screening, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, right on the front of the castle, of the story of the couple told with a sequence of photos and music dating back to their childhood. The couple, visibly excited and moved, thanked their guests for the surprise and for having taken part with them in this joyful day. And after yet another toast, all in the yard to dance until dawn !!!

It was really a success, and the couple were really nice: it’s so nice to be able to create a bond that can afford to make these days happy and truly memorable..

to  look the video : http://www.luigidegregorio.com/it/wedding-video-in-florence/




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