A couple on the run: Alex and Nick’s wedding

The bride, you know, is the pivot around which any wedding revolves , the catalyst of other people’s attention and photographers’ flashing cameras. Yet this time the eyes of the guests seem undecided on whether to remain on her, wrapped in a white curled sheath dress, whose simplicity still manages to give justice to her beauty, or on him, tall and handsome as a movie star, very elegant in his black jacket and trousers. Watching  them from the bottom of the arc corridor covered with vine leaves in the background of the generous and exciting countryside of the Chianti Valley is like looking at a painting of a Renaissance painter, one of the  many who in these lands found poetry and inspiration.

I look at the two lovers, the best men and bridesmaids dressed in black,   the wrought iron chairs lined up on the terrace that seem to converge on the countryside below; I notice the excitement of the father of the groom who officiates the function accompanied by the poignant notes of the strings, the silent attention with which the guests absorb every word of the promises of love read aloud, the sun that begins to set preparing us for one of those miraculous sunsets that Tuscany is a master in giving. And I think: everything is exactly as it should be.  It will be a fairytale wedding, just as the couple wanted.

Alex and Nick are already husband and wife,   they got married two days ago in a civil ceremony in Certaldo, the Florentine province that was the birthplace of Boccaccio. But even the beauty of the cloister of the Praetorian Palace can do nothing against the natural setting of a beautiful landscape bathed in sunset.

Nick is correspondent in Beirut for CNN and many of the guests are colleagues, journalists and photographers, who aren’t  struggling to grasp the reddish highlights that stretch over the vineyards and the tower of the village, the small jewel of the thirteenth century of Barberino Val d’Elsa chosen as the location of this Tuscan wedding. In addition to the tower, the complex has four villas, restored respecting the medieval  architecture and enriched with modern comforts: it is here that some guests will sleep tonight, the others will stay in the farmhouse and in the boutique hotels located in the surrounding area.

At the foot of the complex there’s the swimming pool, huge, surrounded by the green of the olive trees and overlooking a landscape that seems endless. It is the perfect place to pay homage to the best moment of any wedding, the one that takes away any tension to leave room to relax, to easy talking and to the  most suggestive light of  the day. The  moment of the aperitif. Awaiting the guests a selection of meats, cheeses and other delicacies typical of Tuscany, the soft music of the DJ and a water warmed by the sun of this hot early September  day that invites more than one person to sit by the pool and take off  their ceremony shoes to immerse their feet in it.
It is in this joyful and relaxed atmosphere that Alex approaches me and, abandoning the garments of the manager who wants everything to perfection, shows herself for what she  is: a bride in seventh heaven.

“Everything is perfect Alessia, as wonderful as I’ve always dreamed of!” She  tells me as happy as a child.

And this is one of those moments that open my heart  wide, that make me proud of what I do and let me remember how much I love my job.

When we move into the large terrace prepared to host the dinner, I check that everything is in place. The two great imperial tables were adorned with the dominant colors of the wedding: small vessels at the center join the delicate pallor of roses and peonies with the dark tint of the bunches of grapes, while  on the plates were placed black napkins tied up with pink ribbons. The sight of the dinner tables  set under the gazebo in wrought iron, the great candelabra hanging from above, and the landscape that overlooks generous beyond the wall is one of those that leave you speechless.   Many guests are vegetarians and the catering is perfect in successfully providing the two types of menus designed. The dinner is lit with lights and stars, while the guests are racing to wish the best to the couple with original speeches, excited and witty. The laughter run between the tables until the dessert, which involves a cascade of fruit and a wedding cake made up of many  small cups of tiramisù.

When  after the dinner follow the dances a question begins to pass from mouth to mouth:

“Where are the newlyweds?”

Yeah, where are they? In fact it is a bit we don’t see them. Then it occurs to me that Alex at some point came up to me to make sure everything was in place, that the shuttle service for the guests had been organized, and so I smile to myself.

This day could not finish in a better  way: what kind of wedding would it be without the spouses’ getaway?

Did you like Alex and Nick’s ceremony?

Do you also want a wedding in Tuscany in the name of history and culinary tradition, surrounded by a  breathtaking scenery? Contact me!

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