Weddings in a Villa on the tuscan hills

This beautiful villa is in Tuscany, more precisely it is close to Vinci, a village nestled among magnificent hills and a wide countryside enriched and made even more spectacular by heaps of  olive trees and vineyards. Does the name remind you of anything?… yes, it is right here that the genius of Leonardo was born! This location is the perfect place to organize weddings: you will enjoy the atmosphere created by the magic and the history of the villa and of Vinci, too. Its secular park and the wonderful garden  with the family chapel will welcome your guests and they can taste aperitifs and starters there. In the inner part the villa has two wide halls perfect for your wedding lunch or dinner, able to host up until 350 people, 200 in one single hall. While, for those who would like to make their guests enjoy a suggestive experience, the ancient cellars will offer their spaces and typical routes for a possible welcome cocktail. In this ancient dwelling it is also possible to enjoy moments of quietness in the little salons and parlors which are spread in the building. If your guests come from different cities and you’d like to make them lodge in the neighborhood , there are many agritourisms glad to welcome them!

For those who would like it, the location has a suite and two double bedrooms elegantly furnished  in perfect fusion between simplicity and refinement.

The history of the Villa dates back to the end of the XVII century when the Medici family ordered to build it to use it as their hunting lodge. In 1700 the property passed to the marquees Federighi and later to the Fucini family. Thanks to this notorious lodger, who rests today in the chapel in the park, the Villa has been rewarded as one of the “Memory’s Houses”  in the region of Tuscany.

Today the Villa keeps its charm untouched and is enriched by a 90 hectares farm, 25 of which are dedicated to the vineyard. Vinci, in fact, is part of Montalbano, one of the subareas of the Chianti DOCG since 1932. The current owners of the Villa are passionately committed  to the circulation of the knowledge of local products, to the point that in their farm there’s a brand new museum of the wine tradition and it is right into the suggestive cellar. The Chianti produced by the villa’s farm is present  on the tables of the most important Italian  trattoria-restaurants  since the early 1900, and during the Presidency of Gronchi it was the wine chosen for the official lunches at the Quirinale.




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