Volterra: getting married in this beautiful town

Volterra is a characteristic medieval town , where you can still enjoy the atmosphere of an old  Republic of the Municipal age ;  thanks to its position on the height of a hill 541 meters above sea level,   stands  the Val di Cecina, in the heart of  central and southern Tuscany .
Its isolation has allowed it to maintain unchanged  its structure of medieval village.
Volterra has gone from being one of the most important cities during the Etruscan period ( Velathri ) , and therefore subject to attacks by the Roman Empire , through the barbarian invasions and then the Lombard rule , up to the medieval period in which it became an important free town . Its strategic position  made ​​ Volterra  a bulwark of the Florentines  ( in the Medici period ) against the Republic of Siena. From this epoch is the construction of the Fortress ( Mastio ) commissioned by Lorenzo the Magnificent to make it  an impregnable stronghold .
In the Renaissance period , the city had a modern architectural development and was enriched with works due to the will of the wealthy families of Volterra inspired by the Florentine culture.

Where you can organize a civil wedding in Volterra

  Civil wedding  in SalaConsiglio- Palazzo Priori 

At the edge of the lawn arise the Incrociate , consisting  of strong complexes of towers which  still today are a trace of the majesty of the old city . During the thirteenth century on the “pratus episcopatus” was  built  the Palazzo dei Priori , adhering to the apse of the cathedral. The Palazzo dei Priori, current seat of the municipal administration , is the oldest municipal building in Tuscany, overlooking the main square , also known as ” dei Priori .”

This building reserve particular importance for those who want to celebrate the civil wedding  in this beautiful city . In fact , located inside Palazzo dei Priori , there is a hall dedicated to the celebration of weddings  , or the Sala del Maggior Consiglio.

The hall can accommodate about 90 people seated  beside the bride and groom and the bridesmaids and best men .

The hall is available for one hour during which, in addition to the celebration of the wedding , the spouses may take photographs and entertain their  guests . For a toast , you can use the adjacent room ( Sala della Giunta ) with an additional cost.

 Weddings and receptions in a  villa, an hamlet  or a  farmhouse? ulignano villa ulignano
Inside the town, but even more in the surrounding area, there are numerous villas and ancient villages suitable for both the organization of  the reception and the abode of your guests. Also there are many farmhouses that, in addition to being equipped with their own pools or riding areas, give the opportunity to sojourn pleasantly in a really suggestive  environment.
This whole range of  absolutely delicious locations make Volterra and its surroundings the ideal to organize rural and country chic weddings.

Tuscany is a delig

The best for romantic wedding pictures

Currently modern Volterra is contained almost entirely within the confines of the thirteenth century walls  : the walls , with the  doors Porta S. Francesco , Porta all’Arco and Porta Fiorentina,   seem to have been built on a pre-existing Etruscan wall . Within,   the imaginary boundary marked by the Piano di Castello, Porta all’Arco, via Roma, Via Buonparenti , Via dei Sarti and via di Sotto, is built around the ancient church of Santa Maria (now the cathedral ) and the contiguous pratus episcopatus , now Piazza dei Priori. Externally stand ,  after the year one thousand the hamlet  of Santa Maria , now Via Ricciarelli , perpendicular to the walls of the castle and the hamlet of the Abbate , now Via dei Sarti , parallel to the same walls . We can  guarantee you that  walking  beside the stone buildings , among its narrow uphill streets  ( Tuscans call them ” steep ” ) all paved , is a fascinating as well as enjoyable experience . A perfect background for romantic photos with stunning views for the newlyweds …

For those who wish to continue the visit of the town we need to mention, in addition to  the Duomo, that is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Bell Tower and the Baptistery of San Giovanni. Particularly relevant the Roman theater still  used today as the headquarters of the International Festival of Volterra. Another unique background to take some dreamy pictures is the panoramic view of the Balze of Volterra: a geological phenomenon that occurs in the central part of Tuscany with the characteristic gullies and other rock and sandy  formations caused by the action of weathering on clay land .

ht to the eye but also  to the taste

What about the appearance of food and wine? In Tuscany you really are spoiled for choice between the red wines of Chianti Classico, the Red and the most famous Brunello di Montalcino, the Nobile di Montepulciano and Montecucco and so on … Among the whites is at these latitudes the Vernaccia San Gimignano. For the gourmet part , besides the inevitable T-bone steak, these areas are historically dedicated to hunting wild boar and roe deer, while for those who prefer a vegetarian diet, here’s a multitude of sheep and  goat cheese, accompanied by all sorts of honey or jam or stewed fruit, as well as first course dishes of the country tradition (pici, acqua pazza, soups and cabbage and bean sprouts ..) but no less appreciated even by the most refined palates.

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